Prepared concept projects; The city center (Elaziz Mahallesi), which is determined as one of the priority transformation areas according to the risk analyzes, and the land values, have been taken up in time.


The small industrial site transformation area aims to create a medium density neighborhood with the improvement of the stream bed while remaining as faithful as possible to the existing property pattern.


The project in the city center has a geometrical construction that defines the land of PTT as a social focus on existing axes. With the project, the 'solid grid' in the east of Idris Doğan Street has been revised and the lower zone in the west is harmonized with this spatial character. The creative corridors, which extend from the center of the design and extend within both sub-regions, are also home to social functions - actions.


The east-west oriented corridor formed by the public facility clusters holding the perimeter of Gazi Caddesi was supported by a pedestrian route starting from the former governor's office and passing through the public facilities campus and extending to the Cultural Park.


Project Data
Location   Elazığ Center and Small Industrial Area
Program   Concept Urban Transformation Projects
Size   103 Ha + 81 Ha
Client   KEYM / Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation
Year   2016