The project deals with part of the Northwest Corridor described as development housing area on the periphery of Elazig province.  It covers the transformation of the current building stock and the design of new low density building areas. Topography along with density data is the most dominant entry directing morphological preferences.


The valley dividing the area in two parts in the northwest-southeast axis is the backbone of the open-green system. It separates districts and neighborhood groups by branching in topography. The settlement defined with another deep valley in west is added to the city from the border of south. Morphology compatible with topography becomes specialized as typology and evolves into low density neighborhood groups as going to north side…


With project; convenient to coexistence culture, quiet and neighborly relations is intended to organize formal preceded habitats at the inter section of urban and rural living. The organized neighborhood units incorporate the specific urban equipment necessary for day-to-day needs in parallel with possible sub-perspectives such as belonging, identity, ownership and sustainability…

Project Data
Location   Elazığ / Zafran
Program   Concept Urban Design Project
Size   92 Ha
Client   KEYM / Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation
Year   2016