Project area is located in the “desolated”, according to the zoning plan scenario on the southern end of the neighborhood surrounded by areas to be afforested on three sides.


The 15 m reconstruction road that holds the western border of the parcel is the only and absolute access-interaction route with the neighborhood. The suggestion is decisive in terms of the architectural approach and design language, as well as the function and program, mainly in the east-oriented hard sloping topography.


The priority design motivation of the project; the aim of the study is to in place the subject with the context of the neighborhood morphology in the interaction corridor and the areas to be afforested with the surrounding area and with a content that will not create high contrast and tension.

Project Data
Location   İzmir / Uzundere
Program   Architectural Project Competition
Size   6.000 m²
Client   Karabağlar Municipality
Year   2017